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If you are thinking about purchasing a home sauna, one consideration should be the health benefits that saunas provide. But, some types of saunas offer better health benefits and less risk than others. More and more people are turning to the infrared sauna because of the improved health benefits it provides with regard to the conventional steam sauna. What is the difference between a steam sauna and an infrared sauna? What are the added health benefits? Both saunas produce heat, but under totally different concepts. A steam sauna heats the air in the room.

An infrared sauna, however, heats the body rather than the air. The body directly absorbs the infrared radiation. The temperature is at a much lower level. A typical infrared sauna’s temperature ranges between 110 degrees to 130 degrees. Thus, the body’s core temperature is raised slightly, while the air temperature remains comfortable.

Another benefit of the infrared sauna is an increase in heart rate similar to the increase during exercise. The heart rate increases to produce sweat to cool down the inner temperature of the body as a result of the infrared heat. The increase in cardiovascular activity is beneficial to those who cannot exercise typically as in walking or running, thus strengthening the muscles and bones.

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